Sunday, August 3, 2008

Biofino Grill Set

MSRP $11.99

We have play food at our house. We boast a vast collection that ranges from dented plastic bananas to a rubbery chicken leg the dog has staked a claim on. We most certainly do not have play food like this. The Biofino Mixed Grill Set includes a slab steak, three sausages, a silvery fish and a fourteen piece shashlik. And oh, what a set!

Snuggly chocolate brown fleece is banded by a border of cream velour "fat" on the steak. The sausage trio is sewn in matching cream velour, carefully constructed to mimic the curve of a real sausage. For the fish, metallic stretch fabric is filled with tiny beads. The result is a satisfying heft of slippery spawn. Shashlik layers slide easily off the wooden skewer thanks to metal brads secured in each center.

Play food is a great way to let children role play while stretching their imaginations. This set is more non-traditional than some, and definitely superior to most. Each piece is made from quality materials and the construction is solid. The attention to detail sets it head and shoulders above typical toy foods. It's the small black x of the fish eyes, the dark brown grill lines embroidered on the steak's surface, and the seed sticker on each felt cucumber that make this set so beguiling.Biofino offers a diverse selection of toy foods, including desserts, available at Oompa Toys.

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