Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sputter, Sputter, Sput!

Babs Bell, Illustrated by Bob Staake

Harper Collins

Bright colors, simple content, and fresh graphics make this a terrific book for the younger set. All too often books geared to this age range are full of syrup and fluff, both are which are decidedly absent here. Instead, a bright red car, complete with endearing wide-eyed driver, takes the readers on a twisting tour around town.

Bob Staake's unmistakable illustrations feature exaggerated shapes exploding with color. Circles, triangles, rectangles and squares are transformed into heads, bodies, buildings and cars. Half of the pages are very simple, while the other half are brimming with tiny details waiting to be discovered.

Zoom! Vroom! Zoom! Readers can trace the little red car's path as the road meanders uphill, downhill, all about the city. Good clean car fun paired with a rhyming text makes for a very enjoyable read! Let your child's imagination roar to life with this roadside adventure.


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