Saturday, September 27, 2008

Garfield's Fun Fest

Fox Home Entertainment

I realize this is showing my age, but I remember watching Garfield on Saturday morning cartoons every single week. We loved his sarcastic wit, his predictable daily routines, and most of all - the Odie drop kick. Celebrate Garfield's 30th anniversary with this new DVD.

Written by Garfield's creator Jim Davis, the video picks up where the cartoons left off, but with more of a plot. Welcome to Fun Fest - a talent contest recognizing the funniest comic strip in Cartoon World. Garfield wins every year, and sees no reason this year should be any different. Unfortunately, there's a new cat in town, Ramone, who gives Garfield a run for his money in the funny department.

Not only is the fat cat bested in dress rehearsal, he also loses his girlfriend Arlene to Ramone. Down and out, he is determined to regain his sense of humor. Odie and Garfield put their heads together and decide drinking water from the Magical Pond in the Mystical Forest is the key to winning the contest and winning back Arlene.

If you loved him as a child, you'll be instantly transported back by joining Garfield and Odie on their adventure. Kids will find the fast moving action engaging, and the dry wit entertaining. There's also plenty of the slapstick physical comedy that this cartoon has been known for.

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