Friday, September 26, 2008

Me! Me! ABC

Harriet Ziefert; Illustrations by Ingri Von Bergen
Blue Apple Books

This is one instance where you really can judge a book by the cover. If you find the creatures portrayed on the cover quirky and adorable - you are certain to fall in love with the inside! Each doll is lovingly hand created by toy maker Ingri Von Bergen, designed to capture your attention.

These unusual little guys presenting their demands for each letter makes for a terrifically fun alphabet book! Follow me. Jump with me. Love me. It's really a clever concept and a great departure from the traditional alphabet books that we're used to seeing. Simple backgrounds keep the focus directed right on the funky Ingri dolls.

There are only eight different creatures featured, but it seems like more due to the varied poses and costume changes. A glossary in the back gives a description on each personality. Bright colors and simple text make this an ideal alphabet book for any young child. No run of the mill book here - this one makes the alphabet seem new again!

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