Monday, October 27, 2008

Adventures From the Book of Virtues: A Christmas Carol for Annie

Porchlight Home Entertainment

Annie is the newly elected President of the Drama Club. Much to the dismay of the other actors, she unilaterally decides the club will not be performing their annual production of A Christmas Carol this year. Nor will they be donating half their profits to the local orphanage. Annie declares that this year the drama club will be run like a business!

Zach tries to talk Annie out of her crazy ideas, and back into the long-standing traditions of the Drama Club, but Annie won't hear of it. She is a tyrant running the play, yelling at the actors, focusing on making money and generally forgetting about the true meaning of Christmas.

Charles Dickens visits Annie, followed by three spirits - The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Through these visits and interaction with her friends, Annie changes both her attitude and her outlook on Christmas. Then she makes some changes to the drama club as well. A second episode, The Gift of the Magi, is also included on this disc. Zach and Annie are collecting food for a local food bank. The kids become more concerned about being recognized for their actions rather than focusing on helping others. Their animal friend Plato tells the story of true generosity to set them on the right path.

The Adventures From the Book of Virtues prides itself on teaching important life lessons and morals. This video focuses on compassion and the importance of caring for others.


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