Friday, October 24, 2008

Animalia: Welcome to the Kingdom

Porchlight Home Entertainment
DVD $16.98/Blu-Ray $29.98

Alex and Zoe discover a secret passageway in the public library that leads to a strange and wonderful land. Here all the inhabitants are fully articulate animals who walk upright, wear clothing and understand advanced technology. They are amused at the children's idea that humans are a more evolved species. Welcome to Animalia!

"The Core" is the key to Animalia, a big glowing mass located in the library at the center of the city. When the Core is healthy, there is positive communication and the animals co-exist peacefully. Unfortunately, the Core has cracked, which is causing the citizens to act like ... animals! Alex and Zoe must find the elements necessary to repair the Core and restore peace to Animalia.

There is a strong storyline, which means viewers will eagerly anticipate each episode as the tale unfolds and the action mounts. With the Core in disrepair, the animals are losing their refined personalities, submitting to their instincts instead. For Alex and Zoe, this means Animalia is becoming a dangerous place if they choose to remain.

These videos are absolutely spellbinding. The characters are nicely developed and the illustrations are bright and interesting. Best of all, the animals are hilarious! Each has a wonderfully quirky personality that is not dumbed down for younger children. They are attributed specific accents and mannerisms that had us laughing straight through. We loved every minute of this series!

It should be noted that these videos are intended for children ages 6 - 9, and could be a bit scary for younger children.


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