Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barney: I Love You Gift Set

Hit Entertainment
MSRP $29.98

For the holiday season, you just can't go wrong with the big purple guy! This is an extra special big gift set that includes three DVDs and a bonus CD. Your kids will be in heaven, singing and dancing along with Barney, Baby Bop and BJ.

Now I Know My ABC's focuses on learning about shapes, colors and the alphabet. Barney is busy preparing for an art show, and this provides plenty of opportunities to learn more about mixing colors and drawing shapes. Then Baby Bop learns to spell her name for her tea party, which features scores of rhyming games and alphabet songs.

Barney Songs is nearly an hour of non-stop singing! This is an unusual disc in that there is none of the usual story lines or vignettes. Barney and friends are busy singing their all time favorite songs instead! Groove along to The Airplane Song, Alphabet Soup, Snacking on Healthy Food, Brushing My Teeth, and so many more!

Let's Go to the Zoo is a great combination of fun animal facts and upbeat songs on a tour of the zoo. This video is also unique in that it is shot completely at the Fort Worth Zoo rather than on set. Children will learn about animals such as monkeys, zebras and flamingos while interacting with Barney through viewer challenges.

This is a terrific set ideal for gift giving - just in time for the holidays! Let your kids start giggling and singing with Barney, thanks to this Tee-riffic collection!


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