Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Juggling Pug

Sean Bryan
Arcade Publishing

This is the sound of our test group reacting to this story: Ha ha ha ha ha! Bwa ha ha ha! Needless to say, the book was an immediate success. A terrific rhyming text and adorable illustrations combine to make this one heck of an irresistible book. Our kids were literally falling over themselves giggling at the pug's antics, and demanding a second read as soon as we had finished the first.

This strangely talented pug starts juggling just for a hug, and he quickly makes a name for himself. He will juggle anything he can get his paws on, from hamburgers to umbrellas to dollhouse furniture. The town becomes famous for their unusual pug. They love the attention so much that they excuse his bad behavior - breaking dishes, digging holes, interrupting dinner, and (gasp!) pooping on the rug. One day a girl decides enough is enough, and the pug agrees to change his ways. Er, some of his ways.

These illustrations are of laugh out loud caliber. The mischievous facial expressions of the pug alone are worth the price of the book. Even the town's souvenir cart is funny, stocked with pug head balloons, t-shirts and the classic snow globe. The book is consistently clever and engaging, and goes on to deliver a hilarious ending. This is an obvious winner that would very likely become a favorite of your children.

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