Monday, October 13, 2008

Families of Costa Rica

Not only is it important, but it is also entertaining for kids to discover that other children their age lead lives that are sometimes similar and other times different from theirs. Seeing daily life through the eyes of a child their own age makes for a compelling half-hour.

In the DVD 'Families of Costa Rica', we first spend a day with a 10-year-old girl living in a small village. Though Estabaliz eats a rather unconventional breakfast of tortillas and hot dogs with mayo, her day at school seems quite similar to that of a U.S. child. The narration by Estabaliz also provides information on typical food, money, occupations, history, geography and both wild and domestic animals.

The second segment of the DVD is narrated by another 10-year-old, this time a boy named Jose who lives in a more urban area with a somewhat different lifestyle. With his narration, Jose provides information on their religion, education, agriculture and sports. We are also introduced to additional foods not usually consumed in the U. S., such as coconut water, sugarcane juice and plantains.

Older American children may be surprised at the seeming lack of variety of foods served, with rice, beans and tortillas always present at the evening meal. This glimpse of Costa Rican life includes a visit to a cemetery reachable only at low tide, and a weekly soccer game followed by a dance attended by most of the village's inhabitants. With excellent photography and interesting information, this DVD is a pleasantly low-key visit to another culture.


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