Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness

Colin Thompson

George is being raised by his grandmother, but he feels sad. She's a nice lady, but she's also quite old, and George's heart is holding a lonely place for his mother and father. George finds a shelter dog, Jeremy, with the same helpless look in his eye and he knows they are meant to be together. Their lives start to brighten - each of them starting to feel loved and needed. Suddenly there is cuddling and companionship at George's house, and his heart doesn't feel so lonely anymore.

The story and and illustrations are done so perfectly that you can't help but be drawn in. George is the overweight kid who wears his pants too high, and Jeremy is a scruffy three legged dog with a sad expression. The characters come to life, leaving the readers desperately hoping they find what they are looking for. Together they are a match made in heaven and their lives change.

I think sometimes children need to read "real life" stories. They need a break from the dinosaurs and the talking pigeons to be exposed to characters with actual issues. And this is just the book! Yes, there is a bit of sadness, but it's a also a story of hope and friendship. All told, this is a wonderful heartwarming story to read to your children.

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