Friday, October 3, 2008

The Runaway Dinner

Allan Ahlberg, Illustrations by Bruce Ingman
Candlewick Press

Each night a hungry little boy named Banjo eats a sausage for his supper. Except on THIS night, that sausage (named Melvin) stands up and runs right off his plate! And wouldn't you know, the entire table follows right behind Melvin - fork, knife, plate, table, chair and all. Thus begins a merry chase all over town to catch ... the runaway dinner.

The whole party runs right down the sidewalk, across the street and straight into the park. One by one, the group dwindles until only Banjo and Melvin remain. Reading turns into a fun adventure to find out the fate of each character. The carrots are quick to escape, but what happens to the three peas? Who knew french fries were so clever?

So many factors make this book quirky, and oh, so enjoyable. Each item has facial expressions and a name - the plate is named Saskia, and the carrots are all girls - Caroline, Clara, Camilla and Christabel. The writing style is unusual, a bit drawn out, almost like having a conversation with someone. Overall, definitely off the beaten path and absolutely, positively worth the read!

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