Saturday, October 4, 2008

Care Bears: Flurries of Fun Hit Entertainment MSRP $29.98

Hit Entertainment
MSRP $29.98

Repeat after me: three disc goodness! This boxed set would make a wonderful Christmas gift for any Care Bear lover. These movies are a fresh, wholesome change to the violent TV shows of today. These multicolored bears watch over the Earth and make sure everyone is kind and friendly to one another. Children of all ages can enjoy these lovable bears.

Oopsy Does It - As his name suggests, Oopsy Bear has more than his share of problems. His lack of belly badge makes him stand out from the rest of the Care Bears. After Oopsy accidentally destroys an amusement park, the evil Grizzle Bear takes advantage of the situation and hatches a plot to steal all of the Care Bears belly badges. After much fumbling and klutziness, Oopsy Bear saves the day, and the land returns to its usual happy state.

Grizzle-ly Adventures is a double feature centered around the evil doings of Grizzle - a mean little bear in a robot suit who despises caring. Part one Broken introduces the Care Bears' new friend Wing Nut, a robot who is having some mechanical trouble. Share Bear asks Grizzle for help, but Grizzle repairs Wing Nut in an attempt to take over Care-A-Lot. Wing Nut is then under Grizzle's control, creating havoc for the Bears.

In part two, Emma's Dilemma, Grizzle's plan is to steal the Care Bears' prized possessions in order to crush their specialness. Emma is a little girl who has stopped caring that the Bears have brought to Care-A-Lot. By helping the bears find their treasures, Emma learns to care again.

Ups and Downs - another double episode, one up and one down. In Cheer Up, Cheer Bear is throwing a surprise party for Surprise Bear, but finds it is impossible to suprise her! She has to figure out how to keep Surprise Bear busy while getting this party planned. In Down to Earth, the Bears are working on helping humans care when the Care Bear Transporter malfunctions, stranding the Bears on Earth.

The Care Bears have always been about goodwill, helping and sharing with others. These episodes are filled with valuable lessons from which your children will learn.


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