Sunday, October 5, 2008

Iris Has a Virus

Arlene Alda; Illustrations by Lisa Desimini
Tundra Books

Iris is making plans to attend a party during the weekend, when she starts to feel a bit under the weather. Her head is hot, her stomach hurts and she feels awfully tired. A visit to Dr. Sally confirms Iris has caught the nasty stomach virus that has been making the rounds at school. Her brother is angry that their weekend plans will be ruined, but she would never get sick on purpose! Her brother finds that out the hard way.

Kids may find the short rhymes that punctuate the story pretty amusing. For example: Her head was hot, she threw up in a pot. The rhymes are simple enough to be engaging and catchy enough to be repeated. The illustrations are bright and attractive - best of all are the wild variations of creepy crawly bugs that Iris dreams of.

This is an ideal book to break out when your child is ill; it may be comforting to read about Iris in a similar situation. The book may also help to alleviate any anxiety a child may be harboring about an upcoming doctor visit. Iris demonstrates how you can feel sick to your stomach one day, and be on the road to a full recovery the next!

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