Friday, August 22, 2008

The Adventurous Book of Outdoor Games

Scott Strother
Sourcebooks, Inc.

This is a great resource to get the kids outside and get them moving! Chapters are rated by activity level, which is pretty helpful. You can decide how much you feel like moving before you start selecting what to play. For each game, the following information is listed: Number of players, Age, Time Allotted, and Playing Field. At a glance, you can determine which games would be appropriate for your particular group.

Instructions are provided on over 130 games. For some of these, our group just needed a refresher course to remember how to play, many others we had never heard of. Several games seem too simplistic to have been included - such as Monkey in the Middle, Tug-of-War, and Follow the Leader. A few require the purchase of equipment that would typically include the necessary instruction - Bocce, Lawn Darts, and Jacks. However, the majority of the games were new to us or seemed as though they would be worthwhile to learn.

The set-up is very thorough for each game, detailing equipment, object, and how to play. The instructions are well written and nicely detailed, including comments on how to vary the games for more fun. We had no trouble understanding games we had no prior experience with. Overall, this would be a terrific tool for kids of any age group. This book obviously encourages outdoor play, but also promotes creative thinking and plain old exercise!

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