Monday, September 1, 2008


Ann Stott, Illustrated
by Matt Plelan
Candlewick Press

This is a simple book with the sweetest message. A little boy questions the specifics of his mother's love. Do you love me when I remember to feed my hamster? Do you love me when I don't? Do you love me when I'm in my time-out chair? Oh, the mind of a child - you can practically seen the wheels turning.

The font and illustrations set the tone for this book perfectly. Even on his worst behavior, this little guy looks so lovable. He's disheveled and a bit dirty, he's terrorizing the dog, not following directions and wearing unders over his pants. The illustrations also offer a subtle humor - notably the dog's antics and facial expressions on nearly every page.

The boy's mom may be exasperated, but she loves him with all her heart. What a great book to show your child you love them equally when they are on their best behavior and at their naughtiest. This also serves as a good reminder for adults that kids need to be reassured that mom and dad will love them no matter what.


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