Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gone Fishing

David McLimans

Walker & Company

Ocean Life By the Numbers This is a highly unusual counting book. Sea creatures are transformed to represent numbers that count up to ten, and then back down again. Children can learn about the life forms that live in our planet's oceans and which factors are threatening their survival.

The entire book is comprised solely of the color scheme seen on the cover: royal blue and white illustrations against black backgrounds. Each page features one creature plus its vital statistics: class, habitat, aquatic regions, threats and status. After the picture pages, there is a nice index that gives a more in depth summary on each animal.

In addition to the sea life, ocean facts are also presented to help children understand that the world's oceans are in trouble. The many factors that contribute to the current ecological crisis are explained here. Children can experience the diversity of sea life and learn interesting facts about each animal featured. An absolutely ideal book for any child who has expressed an interest in ocean life.

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