Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dirty Wow Wow

Cheryl and Jeffrey Katz

Ten Speed Press

As a child, did you have one special friend that you loved nearly to pieces? That lovable doll, blanket or bear you lugged everywhere and who made you feel at home anywhere? This is a collection of fifty such beloved companions and their life stories. The adoration for these childhood sweethearts is painfully evident - marked by their missing limbs, obvious patches and threadbare fur.

Each page features one photo and a short descriptive paragraph on the opposing page. An all white background contributes to the simple look, keeping the focus right where it should be - on the companions. The writing is really very clever, which saves this book from being overly sweet. Reading each entry, you feel as though you are peeking right into the best memories of someone else's childhood.

The inspiration for the book was the authors' son's companion Doggie, who is featured on the cover. The title of the book is named for a friend's companion. The smart writing paired with the simple photographs make this a truly unique book, and an excellent one at that. It really is a book of heartwarming love stories, the perfect gift for a new mom.

Take a peek inside and see for yourself or listen to Dirty Wow Wow featured on NPR.

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