Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thomas' Great Race Game

MSRP $24.99

Let Thomas the Train help your children improve their number and color recognition while playing this great new board game from Briarpatch. Intended for ages three and up, this game focuses on sorting, counting and color matching skills while the players race their trains to the station. Hey, it's fun and educational! That's real sneaky like.

A simple explanation on the game basics: Up to four players choose an engine (Thomas, James, Percy or Molly), which fit into slots on the track. Players take turns drawing cards and answering the simple questions. The questions are age appropriate such as "How many people in this picture?" or "How many red engines?" When a player answers a question correctly, they consult the back of the card which depicts which coal blocks they earn. They must select and count the appropriate blocks to insert the designated "coal block" into a slot on the back of their engine, which moves it up the track. And the race is on!

Get your kids counting, sorting and racing across the track with Thomas! It can be difficult to find games for this age range that don't have parents rolling their eyes and watching the clock. Be a devious parent and sneak in some learning on your unsuspecting children. Currently, Briarpatch offers more than a dozen different Thomas & Friends themed board and card games that have won multiple national awards.

For more information about all Briarpatch board, puzzle, card and travel games, visit www.briarpatch.com.


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