Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mama Robot

Davide Cali; Illustrations by AnnaLaura Cantone

Tundra Books

This is a book that runs on imagination! A young boy is exasperated that his mom works every day instead of doting on him. How booooring to brush his own teeth and do his homework every night. He dreams of making his own ... robotic mother. This robot mama would handily take care of bullies and the neighbor's dog. She would only prepare delicious dinners, not icky nutritious ones. She would not nag about getting his homework done or cleaning his room. She certainly would never yell. Mama Robot would be superior in every way! In. Every. Way.

The only glitch is ... a robot mom is not superior in every way. She wouldn't smell good, she isn't cuddly, she couldn't give great hugs or care like a real mom does. It's back to the robot drawing board for this little boy. His real mom might work, but she has plenty of hugs and love to give every day.

The illustrations are quirky and wonderfully endearing. They really add loads of humor to the story. We love the kid's facial expressions, which are only topped by those of his cat and the neighbor's dog. Seemingly impossible, but these drawings are sort of retro and futuristic at the same time, which is terribly clever. There's a pink theme running through the book, but it comes off as funky rather than feminine.
Overall, this is a thoroughly enjoyable read. Children will enjoy dreaming what characteristics their own robots might have, long after this book has been read and returned to the shelf.

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