Monday, November 17, 2008

The Legend of the Crystal Skulls

Infinity Entertainment Group & Smithsonian Networks
MSRP $14.98

The legend of the 13 crystal skulls has inspired both adventurers and storytellers. The legend maintains that once the 13 skulls are united they will unlock universal knowledge. The inspiration for the most recent Indiana Jones movie was a man named Hedges whose daughter found a crystal skull in the 1920’s in modern-day Belize, which he named the Skull of Doom. Hedges' adopted daughter kept the story alive claiming she found the skull buried under archaeological debris and swore to its authenticity, although oddities in her story brought about questions as to the truth of her story.

This DVD documents the Smithsonian's attempt to use modern technology to authenticate the Skull of Doom and two other crystal skulls, one in London and one in Paris. The British acquired their skull in 1897 and the French in 1978, but both skulls are said to be Aztec. The two skulls brought to Europe were found to both be owned by Eugene Boban, an antiques dealer who had previously lived in Mexico City and brought the skulls back with him to Paris.

This film does an excellent job of covering the different legends and new age following of the skulls. Some beliefs are that the skulls are from the Aztecs, Atlantis or even outer space. Modern day technology is used to test the crystal quartz skulls for tool marks to determine the age of the skulls. The use of electron microscopes show marks from carving tools and scientists determine if the tools are modern day or ancient. This DVD will interest those who want to unlock the mystery of the skulls and see how modern research can make or break a legend.

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