Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed

Lauren Child
Candlewick Press

Wow! This is the most amazing pop up book! There are tabs on every single page that do all sorts of different things. Of course there is pop up, but also pull down, slide over, twirl around and swoop down. It's so much fun! And being that it's Charlie and Lola, you can read this in a fake British accent while your kids roll their eyes.

As the title implies, Lola likes to stay up late and not go to bed. Charlie must work to keep her on track in spite of her outlandish excuses. Lola can't possibly get ready for bed when there are tigers who pop up in the kitchen needing a bedtime drink, a lion hogging her toothbrush and whales swimming round the bathtub. Not to mention the dancing dogs twirling about in her pajamas and a hippo lounging in her bed. Bedtime is a real zoo around here!

This is an awesome book that offers plenty of hands-on activities for the readers. Each tab is different from the last, so you won't know what to expect when you turn the page. A great deal of thought went into the tabs to make them ever so entertaining - the dogs actually twirl around in the bed and the toothpaste pulls out in a squiggle. In all, a great big oversized book with a ton of fun inside!

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