Friday, November 14, 2008

Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Welcome to a family owned company dedicated to making durable wooden toys in Middlebury, Vermont. This small company (employing about 30 people) is proud to offer both old-fashioned and contemporary wooden toys, games and gifts. Their selection is broad and the construction is solid.

Maple Landmark Woodcraft designs hands-on toys that are made for exploration. These items are built to stand tough in the face of rough play. They use maple, pine and cherry woods from their native Vermont, with a non-toxic finish for safety. Not only durable, these items are gorgeous and smooth to the touch.

The variety of products they offer is absolutely amazing. Trucks and cars, puzzles, games, letter trains, building blocks, banks, bookends, rattles, growth sticks and more. These are classic toys that will never be out of fashion. The best part is that they run on imagination rather than batteries. The only hard part is having to decide which items to order! We particularly love the personalized name trains (which would make an ideal new baby gift) and the classic ABC blocks. Although the larger train sets are truly wonderful, and the train tracks look phenomenal .....

We ended up with the Alligator Semi Truck, Busy Highway Puzzle and Spinny Critters (all at left). Each piece was very well done and certainly lived up to our expectations. The colors are sharp and the corners are smooth. Our test group was especially taken with Spinny Critters, giggling wildly at the concocted animals.

You must visit to browse their amazing selection of woodcrafts and decide which are right for you! Let your child's imagination run wild with some wonderfully made classics.P.S. When our order arrived, it emitted the scent of fresh lumber. It was like opening a box packed full of Vermont!

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