Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Snow Days

HIT Entertainment

MSRP $14.98

It may seem a little bit silly, but some of our strongest childhood memories come from the seasonal programs we watched every year. When those programs were on, we could feel Christmas lurking right around the corner. Make those same sorts of wonderful memories for your children with this super seasonal collection.

In this special Barney episode, all the children are busy writing their letters to Santa. Melanie spends so much time helping her friends at Christmas that she is late writing her own letter to Santa. Barney takes her on a trip to the North Pole to deliver the letter in person.Bob the Builder is busy helping Mr. Bentley organize the winter fair in the town hall. Bob is building stalls, lights, and a giant inflatable Santa Claus to make the best fair yet!

In Fireman Sam, winter has come and Norman`s pet lamb Woolly is freezing. To keep the chilly off the woolly, Norman makes a bed from an old electric blanket, not knowing it can become a fire hazard ...Fireman Sam to the rescue.

In Thomas and Friends, Thomas is put in charge of picking up the Christmas tree from the wharf. After a mix-up with the delivery, can Thomas fix things in time for Christmas?

When the snow is swirling outside, stay warm and cozy inside to have some fun with everyone's favorite preschool friends. This would make a great stocking stuffer of a gift - one that your children can enjoy year after year.


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