Monday, November 24, 2008

Mrs. Claus Explains It All

th Claus (aka Christi Love)
Illustrations by David Wenzel
Sourcebooks, Inc.

Finally! A book that gives us the lowdown on Santa, the North Pole, his elves and reindeer. This tell-all comes directly from the big guy's number one assistant, Mrs. Claus, so you know it's the real deal! She's got the inside scoop on the layout of the North Pole Complex - including Command Central, the Underground Annex and Elf Village. She even lets us in on Santa's favorite cookie and his exercise rountine!

Mrs. Claus answers the most frequently asked questions received in letters from children each year. How can Santa get in if I don't have a chimney? Where do elves come from? What do reindeer eat? Readers learn all about the more interesting details about life at the North Pole - some of which have never been revealed before. As you page through, it is immediately obvious how much thought was put into each answer. The explanations are realistic, yet still very magical. They are also quite lengthy, which means the book would be equally interesting for older children as well as younger ones. Mrs. Claus does a wonderful job of giving just the right amount of information.

The illustrations are a perfect match for the writing. Beautiful, full color drawings show what the North Pole really looks like: a peek at Elsbeth baking in her kitchen, Santa's workshops, the elves' quarters and the reindeer stables. Each question is posted on a colored scrap of paper printed in a child's handwriting, followed by a thorough response and an inside look at the area in question. This combination of clever presentation, great explanation and beautiful illustrations make for an absolutely fabulous Christmas book.


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