Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hello Tilly

olly Dunbar

Tilly is a little girl lucky enough to live with her five best animal friends: Tiptoe the rabbit, Hector the pig, Doodle the crocodile, Tumpty the elephant and a bird named Pru. The six pals live together in a yellow house, striving to make each day an adventure. Author Polly Dunbar says "The stories are about the joys and difficulties of friendship. They were inspired from my days of house sharing - at one time I shared a room with three friends! There were always ups and downs!"

The illustrations are adorable, but the story line is basically the friends being silly together. First they play their instruments exuberantly, breaking only for a quick snack. After that, Pru insists they all do the pretty-prance and Tumpty offers a ride to everyone. This is a book that younger children could enjoy much more than older ages would.

This is just the first book in the Tilly and Friends series. Each of the five features friends has their own personality and subsequently, lay claim to their own book. Hector's book has just been released in October, followed by Tumpty's and Pru's in February of 2009.

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