Sunday, November 30, 2008

Xeko: China Mission


Xeko is a collectible card game that features endangered species and introduces the concepts of conservation and sustainability to kids. It also happens to be a fun, fast paced game that will get everyone thinking!

Your mission: create the strongest Xeko-system to win the game. Each card features photos and provides facts about endangered animals. Players collect trading cards to create a Xeko-system. They then use those cards to match wits against their opponents. This is a two player game that requires thinking skills and strategy.

If the game seems intimidating at first, do not panic. The game mat unfolds and has crystal clear step-by-step instructions that explain exactly how to play. Once you learn the game, you can play with a friend and will not need to to use the playmat.

The game includes 42 cards (130 cards total when boosters are added), an oversized game mat, rule book, play guides all enclosed in a cool pagoda type box.

All Xeko collections (Madagascar, Indonesia, and now China) are compatible with each other, and players mix and match to build custom decks. Xeko's focus is to teach kids about real animals and issues threatening the environment. Their motto: Have fun, do good!

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