Monday, December 1, 2008

Shaun the Sheep: Off the Baa!

HIT Entertainment


Shaun the Sheep was first a bit player in the award winning Wallace & Gromit™ series. He was such a popular character that the creators awarded him his own deal, which quickly turned into one of the top shows on the Disney channel. This disk is the first release of eight of the best episodes.

There's a reason this series is a hit on the Disney channel - the animals are hilarious and utterly charming. Each episode is only seven minutes long, but that's plenty of time for Shaun to find his way into trouble, and then back out again. One of our favorite characters is Bitzer, the farmer's dog, who sports a wristwatch knitted woolen cat. And, yes, he also slurps coffee from a mug while he minds the herd.

These sheep are cuddly and adorable, but also very mischievous. The herd mentality is alive and funny here - even when the flock is just standing still, the way they blink intermittently is somehow entertaining. Shaun stands out a bit as the svelte sheep with a slightly more evolved expression. Slapstick humor and classic silent comedy work together in a style that is entertaining for children of all ages.

Quick summaries of Shaun's eight wild adventures:

Off the Baa
- Shaun turns a head of cabbage into a soccer ball for the ultimate midday soccer match. But he has to watch out - the neighboring Naughty Pigs look to steal the ball for an afternoon snack!Timmy in a Tizzy - Little lamb Timmy is in tears when his stuffed teddy bear is in the clutches of the Farmer.

Buzz Off Bees - An altercation with a lone bee incites the hive into retaliation against the flock. Can Shaun take the sting out of a bad situation?

Who is the Mummy - The newly-hatched chicks think Shaun is their mom. Will Shaun be able to get rid of them?

Mower Mouth - Here's a goat with an appetite for...everything. When the mad muncher gets loose, he takes Shaun for the ride of his life!

Fleeced - It's wool-shearing time. From sabotaging the clippers to hiding in disguise, the flock will do anything to keep their wool on. It's The Great Escape! Sheep style.

Shaun Shoots the Sheep
- Say cheese! When tourists leave a camera behind, the sheep are ready for their close-ups. But when the Naughty Pigs swipe the clicker, it becomes a fight to the photo finish!

Mountains Out Of Molehills - It's a mole lotta trouble! When a mole creates earthly havoc around the barnyard, the flock takes action to get rid of him. It's one hill of a situation!


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