Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Megan McDo
nald; Illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds
Candlewick Press

Uh, so do you like stinky stuff? I am almost embarrassed to admit how popular stink is at our house. Always guaranteed to get a laugh, no matter the source. If you have boys, that's just a fact of life. Sometimes you just have to accept it and roll with it.

Intended for ages 5 to 9, this is the ultimate resource for your little stinkers. A reference book on super stinky stuff, from A to Z. Where can you view the world’s oldest ham? Who holds the record for the world’s loudest burp? The answers to these and many more essential questions can be found in this handy-dandy Stink-O-Pedia.

Appropriately, this is narrated by Stink Moody, one of the main characters in the popular Judy Moody series. Be the cool mom (drive the other moms nuts) and let your kids study up on Stink-isms in this compendium of wacky facts! Gross out your kids with this little nugget: Do you know what rhinotillexomania is? It means you are booger-crazy and can't stop picking your nose.

Stink-o-pedia is being released in March, at which time we will provide a much more in-depth review. We may actually reveal where you can find the world's oldest ham ...


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