Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Smart-e-bear and Friends!

Smart-e-dog was an unparalleled success at our house. He is so irresistibly soft that small hands were eagerly pawing at him before he could untangle himself from the box! I did manage to weasel my hand in there to determine he is indeed super plush and cozy.

Smart-e-dog immediately extends an offers to start playing. "To play Simon Says, squeeze my hand. To do something else, squeeze my foot." He has numerous games, songs and stories already loaded inside that fuzzy head, ready to go. The rhyming song was very popular here, as was dancing to Boom Chocka Locka.

If at any time during a song or activity, your child would like to stop and try something else, just squeeze any paw three times. Smart-e-dog then offers "To keep listening, squeeze my hand. To do something else, squeeze my foot." I like that it's easy for kids to follow the simple directions, and can easily change the activities on their own.

One of the best features of Smart-e-dog is the ability to download new programs online at any time. Parents can choose from thousands of songs and stories to adapt your friend's abilities to your child's tastes. When interest starts to wane, just download new content to keep him fresh and interesting for your child!

Using the software, you can also select your child's name from a large list, so his friend will call him by name. Mom, he knows my name!! You customize your smart-e-friend to include what will work best for your child. And the software is easy to use - kids can easily help select the new material.

Overall, this is a really neat toy that is totally adaptable to your child's needs. Cuddly, smart and fun all rolled up in one! Because he offers a variety of activities, Smart-e-dog will remain interesting for a much longer period of time than other toys. Tired of games? Play a couple of dance songs to shake things up, and then wind down with softer songs and cuddles at bedtime.

The lucky winner of our Smart-e-friend giveaway:

Xenia who commented "I think the Copy Cat game would be a big hit with my daughter, I'd probably download that first." Xenia wins her choice of a Smart-e-dog, cat or bear for her daughter.

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