Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Story of Cherry the Pig

Isn't this the perfect time of year to be in the kitchen whipping up grand creations? This is a sweet story of Cherry the Pig who love to do exactly that!

Like all pigs, Cherry lives for eating. Unlike other pigs, she is a fabulous cook. Each day she rifles though her recipes, searching for just the right dish. And each day, she bakes and devours (spoils to the cook!) one enormous dessert all by herself.

Cherry decides to enter her incredible apple cake in the Harvest Festival bake-off. After she wins the grand prize, she can't stop thinking about how her neighbors' faces had looked while they were eating her cake. Cherry has discovered how good it feels to share her baked goods with others. Food always tastes better when you share with a friend, doesn't it?

This is a nice story with a great message about sharing. And one that may inspire your children to get involved in your kitchen!

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