Monday, January 26, 2009

Artichoke Boy

If you are one of those people that judge a book by its cover (guilty as charged here) you would probably assume this is going to be a fairly odd book. It most certainly is. What would you expect from a book written entirely about artichokes? I also need to say that this book is fantastic. In addition to being strange, it also manages to be clever, humorous and downright delightful.

This is the story of Artichoke Boy, whose life was filled with artichoke joy. Each page contains just a single line of text describing one thing in this strange boy's life that is, you guessed it, made of artichokes. A wonderful full-page illustration supports each claim, so we get the inside view on his artichoke elbows and artichoke hair, an artichoke toothbrush and artichoke derriere!

I love that Scott Mickelson came up with this crazy idea, added some strange but wonderful illustrations and produced one heck of a children's book. It's a simple concept, but one that is completely and totally out of left field. The adults in our group were every bit as smitten with this book as the kids were. We laughed and laughed and wondered what exactly goes on in the author's head.

This is extremely clever and a wonderful departure from the ordinary. My absolute favorite type of children's book! This is Scott Mickelson's first picture book. We shall certainly look forward to seeing what other projects he has up his sleeve.

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