Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Shoelace Lock

$6.99 for two pair

Have you ever received a product that lives up perfectly to your expectations? When it arrives, it looks like the photo and most importantly, works exactly as promised? Introducing the Shoelace Lock, a simple clipping system that eliminates the need for shoe tying. This is a wonderful solution for young children, older folks, or people with special needs.

The Shoelace Lock is accompanied by clear, detailed instructions which are easy to follow. Lace up your shoes with the provided laces, slipping the ends into the Lacer as the instructions indicate. The Lacer is a two piece plastic clip that will now take the place of tying your shoes. The neat part is this design allows for a nice bow, which makes it appear as if your shoes are tied. Once properly installed, just unclip the Lacer to relax the bow and remove your shoes. The shoelaces are firmly gripped by the Lacer and cannot slide off.

I am so impressed by this product. It seems like a simple idea and yet a brilliant solution to a specific problem. For people who are physically unable to tie shoes, $6.99 buys a lot of freedom. They are able to adapt any pair of shoes to their capabilities, rather than being forced them to wear velcro flapped shoes, or rely on others for help. The instructions are easy to follow and the product performs exactly as promised - 100% guaranteed.


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