Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner

Liz Edmunds has raised seven children and credits a consistent dinner time as an integral part of keeping her family connected. Dubbed the Food Nanny, her main goal is to help other families find their way to the same success at mealtimes. This entails providing menus and proven recipes, assisting with food budgets, as well as offering advice on organizing pantries and stocking up on kitchen supplies. She is committed to giving families the help they need to make dinner time a priority.

Liz believes that the key to putting a great dinner on the table night after night is meal planning. Did you know that the biggest obstacle to most home cooks is deciding what to prepare? Narrow the focus and make the decisions easier by assigning each night of the week a theme. Liz has been using the following schedule for nearly thirty years! Accordingly, the recipes in the book are organized by these groups and color coded for ease.

Monday: Comfort Food
Tuesday: Italian Night
Wednesday: Fish & Meatless
Thursday: Mexican Night
Friday: Pizza Night
Saturday: Grill Night
Sunday: Family Traditions

The Food Nanny's concept is simple: map out meal schedules for two weeks at a time. For guidance, see her sample two week dinner plan here. Using the categories provided, select recipes for each night of the week. Write down your choices. Make a grocery list and go shopping. Stick to it. It really is that easy. Being prepared is half the battle, and having the right tools is essential!

This book was created as a meal planning tool that everyone can use to create healthy and affordable dinners for their families. You will discover this is an excellent collection of recipes that are practical, but definitely not dull. A wide range of recipes are presented here, including side dishes, desserts and snacks. You will certainly find plenty of dishes that will fit your family's tastes and make dinner times a breeze.

Click here to see the title of every single recipe in the book, as organized by group. Printable two-week blank menu plans here. Printable blank grocery lists here. Let the Food Nanny rescue your family!

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