Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bob the Builder Race to the Finish

Bob is back! This busy builder always has a new project in the works and and this happens to be a very important one. Sunflower Valley will be hosting the Sunflower Valley Games ... if they had a proper sports stadium, that is. Bob and the Can-Do Crew step up to construct that brand new sports stadium from the ground up.

Building the new stadium is such a big job that Bob needs to add two new machines to his crew - Gripper the crane and Grabber the excavator. Both are from the city and have to learn how to put aside some of their big city ways to fit in with the others.

As always, Bob the Builder serves as an example that cooperation and teamwork are fundamental to getting the job done. The crew must sort out their problems in order to band together and work effectively as a group. Will they get the job done on time?

For parents, the key phrase here is "Never-before-seen-on-tv movie." This disc is not a compilation of Bob the Builder shows your kids may or may not have already seen. This is a fresh, guaranteed-to-hold-their-attention, hour long movie available exclusively on dvd. Yay for Bob and his new footage!

Release date: January 6, 2009
Run time: 60 minutes

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