Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Froggy Green

This is a new breed of book appropriately dubbed "Toddler Tales." Measuring in at 8" x 8", these books are slightly larger than board books, but with much thinner pages. The durable pages are slightly glossy and easily wipe clean (yay for parents!). This format is ideal for children wanting to move past board books, but who are not quite ready for traditional picture books.

Froggy Green revolves around a subject that seems to be universally appealing to children - COLOR! Not everyone favors the same color, which is what makes the world so fun. The turn of each page reveals a child showing off his or her personal favorite. Lucy likes polka dot orange (as evidenced by her matching cat), while Milly's favorite is sunshine yellow. You'll have to read on to find who adores froggy green ...

The format is simple and very pleasing to the eye. The adorable illustrations are paired with short lines of text, which keeps the focus on the fabulous hues. This is a wonderful book that will easily capture a child's attention and have them noticing colors everywhere!

Visit Kane/Miller to browse the other titles in their wonderfully innovative Toddler Tales format.

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