Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bob the Builder ON SITE Skyscrapers

The On Site series is my absolute favorite type of Bob the Builder episode. Viewers are made to feel like they are part of an actual construction crew - watching workers build and getting a sneak peek inside the job site. Interspersed with the usual animation, this is a great video for kids of all ages. The dual imagery makes these videos equally educational and fascinating.

We learn about the construction process on two types of buildings: a skyscraper and a parking garage. Bob starts right at the beginning by drafting the blueprints and laying the foundation, then onto finishing the top-most floor and installing the elevator system. We see the contractor's view on each step of the huge process that becomes a skyscraper.

As an added bonus, there is footage of children building their own construction projects from cardboard boxes and craft supplies. What a great (not to mention cheap) project to try with your own children after the video! They can combine their imaginations with what they learned from Bob and his crew and to create their own unique buildings.

Skyscrapers breaks down the building process into engaging, easy-to-follow stages, incorporating Bob the Builder’s delightful animation and charming characters, along with live action construction site footage. The sky has no limit in this latest title from everyone’s favorite builder!

Run time: 60 mintues
Release date:March 17, 2009


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