Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Angels Chewable Multivitamins

Brand new from Rainbow Light, Little Angels Chewable Multivitamins are both delicious and nutritious - exactly what you want and need for your kids. Packed with essential nutrients, these meet the expectations of parents by using nourishing whole foods and vegetable concentrates that support a growing child's healthy development. The fact that they are flavored to taste like sweet, fruity cherries means they will be happily accepted by your little angels.

Offered exclusively offered at Whole Foods Market, a 60-tablet bottle (two-month supply) is priced at $17.99. For every ten bottles purchased, Rainbow Light will contribute one bottle to the nonprofit Vitamin Angels. By providing daily vitamins to your children, you are also assisting in getting vital nutrition to children and families in need. That's a purchase you can feel good about. Rainbow Light has paired with Vitamin Angels for fifteen years, donating over 12 million doses of vitamins.

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems is the leader in manufacturing all-natural, food-based supplements. They have an unbelievably broad product line, offering vitamins for men, women, children and even canines! If you don't have access to a World Market for the Little Angels Vitamins, there are many other great choices available to you.

One of our favorites is the Gummy Omegalicious Omega 3 Formula. No kidding - these taste amazing similar to sour candies. But unlike candy, these gummy berries deliver absolutely pure, optimal-potency omega 3 fish oils, including DHA and EPA for brain and heart health, plus vitamin C and lycopene. You can keep the nutritional analysis to yourself - your kids will just enjoy eating them. These are packaged in single serve cello packets - just like fruit snacks. A 30 day supply retails for $21.99.

Not a sour gummy lover? NutriStars Delicious Fruit Blast are a complete multivitamin packed in a fun star shape. These chewables are great tasting and offer a complete nutritional system with essential nutrients and antioxidants. A two month supply retails for $14.50. I hate to say this, but my kids are suckers. They fall for shape, color and berry taste every time. Rainbow Light makes my job that much easier and I am satisfied they are getting proper supplemental nutrition.


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