Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I distinctly remember the personalized book I had as a kid. Each time my name appeared it was in a bolder, slightly different font from the rest of the story. The characters were of the cheesy illustrated sort and the story line was predictable. Not exactly the most treasured book on my shelf.

The personalized books from Frecklebox are completely different from my experience! High quality photos, interesting story lines and a seamless fitting of your child's name on each and every page. Wow and double wow.

Seven styles of books are available, each offered in softcover ($19.95) or hardcover ($34.95). This is a particularly great website set-up, because you can view sample pages of each book online. No second guessing as to what the book will really be like. Flip though the pages yourself and select the best fit for your child. We had a tough time deciding between the Goes to the Zoo and My Name Is. Ultimately choosing the zoo, I'm positive we made the right choice because the book was greeted with "Wow! This is just what I wanted!"

A really neat detail of these books is the way the child's name is presented throughout. In the zoo book, the story read as if the animals were speaking right to us. Not only that, but the child's name is also cleverly hidden in the photos for them to discover - scratched into the sand near the turtles, creeping down the tiger's shoulder or hidden in the bubbles of the polar bear's water.

These are one of a kind books that have the power to make a child feel truly special. You choose the story, write the dedication and watch your child's face light up! Frecklebox guarantees if your gift doesn’t inspire great big smiles, they will gladly deliver a refund. We were rewarded with great big smiles, so we'll pass on their offer.

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