Saturday, March 7, 2009

Busy Chickens

John Schindel; Steven Holt
Tricycle Press

This is the first children's book I have ever laid eyes on that has been written solely about chickens. Some board books can be a bit, well, boring. This one is anything but! If asked, I would have said chickens to be brown. In fact, they come in dozens of colors - spotted, speckled and striped. Toddlers will sit right up and take notice of the brilliant colors and bold plumage.

In addition to being colorful, it turns out these chickens are leading pretty busy lives. It isn't all egg laying and pecking in the dust down on the farm. These lively chicks particularly enjoy rhyming and therefore lay claim to plenty of grooming and zooming, searching and perching, flapping and napping.

Everyone can agree that young chicks are absolutely adorable, but full grown chickens don't get nearly enough credit. They are such an ubiquitous animal that it takes a focused book like this to remind us how extraordinary they can be. Summed up, this board book puts on a show that will inspire your toddler to start cheeping and leaping about your house in no time.

Busy Chickens is the tenth book in the popular "Busy" series from Tricycle Press. Check out some of the others:


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