Sunday, March 22, 2009

How'd They Build That?

These are some of the best educational videos available. I love learning about how products are constructed and these videos do a fabulous job of letting viewers in on the entire process. What better vehicles to feature than two of the most recognizable ones on the road? All children are familiar with both the school bus and the concrete mixer!

Did you know most of the school buses in North America come from a single company? Neither did I! School Bus takes us to the IC School Bus Factory in Oklahoma, home of the big yellow machine. We get to see every step of the build, from the raw materials right through to the welding and painting. How many buses would you guess they are getting road ready? Would you believe 50 to 60 per ten hour day? That explains the constant
stream of school bus yellow on the roads.

Concrete Truck is a pretty cool machine. Concrete is the most common man-made building material on earth, with 9 billion tons of it being made each year. The transport vehicle necessary to get all that concrete to the job site? We visit McNeilus Concrete Truck Factory in Minnesota to get the low-down on how concrete mixers are built and how they actually work. Get a first hand look at each stage of assembly, from nuts & bolts to watching concrete pour down the chute. Concrete mixers are one of the heaviest vehicles on the road and building one is no small process.

Each video in the series follows a winning formula that includes a visit to a specific factory, informative narration, catchy background music and a plethora of interesting facts. Factory tours are always so well done, that viewers feel they are taking the tour in person, from the comfort of their own own sofa. Recommended for age four and older, these are definite winners!

Previously released, Big Truck and Fire Truck. We are excited to find out that Garbage Truck will be added March 24!

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