Monday, March 23, 2009

My First Juice

I think juice can be a healthy part of a child's diet, when consumed in moderation. The great thing about First Juice is that children benefit from organic fruits and vegetables, but with reduced amounts of sugar. These truly offers the best of both worlds and your kids will declare the flavors to be delicious! Choose from four fun flavors: Apple + Carrot, Banana + Carrot, Blueberry + Purple Carrot, Peach + Purple Carrot.

Research shows that taste preferences developed early can last a lifetime. By introducing low sugar juice at an early age, you are teaching your kids to appreciate the sweet taste of the organic fruits and veggies instead of the extra sugar. Trust me, they taste so great, you'll never miss that sugar! Our favorite was Peach + Purple Carrot, but it was a close race.

Unlike other brands, you'll note that First Juice adds carrot or purple carrot to each juice. Why? They do this because carrot juice is nutritious, naturally adds Vitamin A, and is a great flavor balancer when mixed with other juices. Like many parents, I'll use any avenue available to get more veggies in my children's diet.

First Juice is the nation's first organic, low sugar, fruit and vegetable juice for infants and toddlers. These are ideal for parents who typically view juices as a poor food choice. These are a far cry from standard supermarket juices and offer great nutritional benefits. In an 8 ounce serving, First Juice provides 60% DV for vitamin C, 35% DV for vitamin A, and 10% DV for calcium and vitamin D, for children twelve months and older.

Two sizes are offered: a convenient recyclable sippy-top (no spill) plastic bottle as a single serving or a large 32 ounce bottle for the family. And superficially, the packaging is really cool and upscale - the best looking juice containers we've seen. Give them a try - great taste, fruits and veggies with low added sugar!

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