Saturday, March 28, 2009

Little Chick

Just in time for Easter, the perfect choice for your basket. You can't beat a great chick book! We are always on the lookout for great non-candy alternatives. It's a certainty that kids will love this sweet book as much a chocolate bunny. Well, nearly as much.

We find not just one, but three short stories within, centered around the farm life of fuzzy Little Chick: The Carrot That Would Not Grow, The Kite That Would Not Fly and The Starry Night. The storyline on each is not fancy, but rather simple and straightforward. Although the stories are engaging, it is the illustrations by Anita Jeram that completely steal the show. The lovable Little Chick will have you eating out of her hand, er, wing?

The story titles are pretty self-explanatory. Little Chick is growing a carrot that is terribly tempting and yet incredibly slow moving. How can she speed up the process? Soon after, she makes an excellent kite from a dried leaf, but cannot get it airborne, until Old-Auntie offers some assistance. The last story has Little Chick reaching up very high in the sky, trying to pull down a star. She decides to give up when she realizes the sky is prettier when it includes her star.

If there is a more appealing chick book, it certainly has not crossed my desk. Sized at ten inches square, this is a wonderfully large book, with 56 pages. Even the first page is adorable, with a welcoming pale green plaid print and a nice preprinted "The Little Chick book belongs to" bookplate. The simple stories and beautiful drawings make this a book you will find yourself returning to again and again.

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