Thursday, May 14, 2009

Haiku Author Interview: Michael J. Rosen

Scoot over to Haiku by Two to read a great interview with Michael J. Rosen regarding his new book The Cuckoo's Haiku.

You'll discover the answers to the following:

What do birdwatching and haiku have in common?

Are all the haiku in this book about birds you commonly see in your own backyard?

Did you find that you were paying greater attention to birds while you were working on this book?

And my personal favorite, because I love the answer:

It seems that you’re also quite a dog lover. What’s next? A book of dog haiku?

Oh, all right, I'll spoil that one and say that we are now looking to forward to a similar style haiku book on dogs from Michael J. Rosen (but not until 2011). Even though the release date is pretty far away, I'm still pretty excited about that due to the excellent quality of The Cuckoo's Haiku.


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