Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Get Married, by Me the Bride

Isn't it always little girls who have the best ideas about marriage and weddings? They know exactly how their dress will look and which friends to invite. They have the whole ceremony planned out in their heads - from the perfect veil length right down to the rhinestone clips on their shoes. That's the downfall of the adult bride you know. Your real wedding will never live up to the fairy tale from your childhood. That is, unless your plans are as funny as these!

The first rule of getting married is to find someone you like. This can be anyone, including your dad or a cat. Step two, make your selected future husband like you! This can be achieved by being nice and not picking your nose (maybe do it behind their back) or pinching them. Easy peasy, right? Not so fast. There is a long list of behavior you must not engage in to be considered marriage material, such as refusing to bathe or leaving your hair in a big tangle. The market is slim pickings for a snarly-headed dirty girl.

This book offers hilarious insight into how children think of a wedding and marriage. It's almost as if the author sat down with a group of little ones and interviewed them, taking note of the funniest and most outlandish ideas. Illustrations by Sue Heap contain plenty of detail in bright pastels. The outcome is a book silly enough to appeal to a wide range of ages and yet surprisingly dead on with several points. "When the music starts everyone has to stop whatever they're doing and look at you." I adopted that very policy for my own wedding.

Although this book is cute and funny, the very best side effect is that it prompts your own little ones to offer their interpretation on what a wedding should be like. You never know what sort of crazy ideas are tucked away in their little heads, but this wedding guide will tease them out! A perfect choice for imaginative little girls or boys. Also a great talk-me-down (shower gift) for any big girls on the verge of becoming a bridezilla.

Sadly, this book was released long after my own wedding, or I most certainly would have stolen her invitation: Please come to our wedding because we kindly request the pleasure of your company. There will be candy. RSVP.

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