Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Itty Bitty

Itty Bitty is just that - the tiniest little pup ever. He's so minute that he has trouble finding a place to call home. Even the smallest spaces seem cavernous to his tiny frame.

One day, Itty Bitty finds an enormous bone that would make the perfect hollowed out house for a little guy. After much nibbling and chewing, the discarded bone is transformed into a very satisfactory dwelling. There's just one little problem. The bone may be the perfect size, but it sure isn't cozy or warm - it's just plain empty.

Itty Bitty may be small, but he's an excellent problem solver. He immediately sets off in his walnut shell of a car (we said he was tiny!) directly to a great big department store. Once inside, he is dismayed to find everything of gigantic proportion ... until he spots the sign pointing to the Teeny Weeny Department. Itty Bitty is delighted to to find this particular department is filled to the brim with just the right sized furnishings!

Our pint sized friend buys himself a tiny table and a teeny-weeny rug. He finds a miniature patterned sofa and a infinitesimal polka-dotted lamp. Oh, this will be a very snazzy bone, indeed! Itty Bitty manages to pack all of this (don't ask me how) into his walnut car and scoots straight home. Voila, his eye for decor has transformed an empty bone into a magnificently warm and cozy home.

This book is every bit as cute as you imagine it would be. This is a smaller edition, but at 8 x 6, it's a good size and not too small like some books can be. The colors are bright and the details are engaging. I love Itty Bitty's home furnishing choices - the rainbow hued rug and daisy festooned sofa are so cheery. He makes himself a great home using his imagination and sharp teeth. Itty Bitty may be small in stature, but he's huge in charm!

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