Monday, June 29, 2009

Bob the Builder: Truck Teamwork

sgate and HIT Entertainment

Well, Bob has really upped the ante! With his newest DVD comes ... a neat toy truck tucked right in on top. This is pretty darn good thinking - offer the onscreen fun of his crew paired with a physical collectible to enjoy later.

This disc includes five episodes that have never been aired on television before. If you're like me, the discs with this content are truly the most valuable. There's nothing more disappointing than popping in a new DVD, only to be met with"Oh, I've already seen this one." Not here. This is fresh content, guaranteed to buy you 57 minutes of quiet time.

The adventures here have Bob and his Can-Do Crew dipping their hands (and wheels) into all sorts of new activities. They work on constructing an entire ice cream parlor (complete with traditional giant ice cream cone on top) and an exercise park at Bobland Bay. Scoop, Muck, Gripper, Grabber, Bristle Flex and Tumbler find that working together, they can get nearly any job done!

Episodes: Scoop's Best Team Ever, Go Mr. Bentley Go, Packer's Trailer Trouble, Muck's Machine Wash, Breezy Bristle

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