Monday, June 29, 2009

A Splendid Friend Indeed

Have you ever been happily engrossed in your book, only to be rudely interrupted by the outside world? Bear is in this unenviable position. He desperately wants to read, but his friend Goose just won't let him. She peppers him with questions about his activities, even going as far as standing on his head and plucking the book right out of his paws.

Sigh. Although Bear looks very cross, he gently abandons the book and decides to write in his journal instead. Not so fast - Goose simply won't be ignored! She continues to ask questions, sticking her bill where it doesn't belong and just being just generally all around annoying. Poor Bear. He looks more exasperated with the turn of each page.

Goose may be a non-stop talker and a big annoyance, but she is also a very sweet friend. While Bear is thinking angry thoughts, Goose is doing nice things. She prepares a snack for them to share and produces a lovely note that reads "I like you. Indeed I do. You are my splendid friend." Bear's heart melts and the two friends share a big hug before setting down together with their picnic.

This is a sweet story that we can all relate to. Sometimes we may need to be reminded that our friends deserve some extra love and attention. The large font and expressive illustrations make this an ideal read for young children. Not to mention that Goose's actions and Bear's reactions make for a pretty funny read. Everyone enjoys a nuisance now and then, right?

Winner of the following awards:
  • ALA Notable Children's Book
  • One Hundred Books for Reading and Sharing —New York Public Library
  • PA One Book, Every Young Child sponsored by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education
  • Texas 2x2 Reading List—Texas Library Association
  • Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor Book
  • 2008 NY State Reading Association's Charlotte Award Nominee

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