Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shaun the Sheep: Sheep on the Loose

Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment


We loved Off the Baa! and laughed ourselves silly at Back in the Ba-a-th, so imagine our delight when we found out Shawn is back with a whole new set of escapades! Shawn and his adventurous flock are getting in all sorts of trouble, leaving the Farmer and Blitzer in a tangle, as usual.

The sheep are engaged in all sorts of fun activities, from attending the county fair to organizing a big dance in the barn. They have the ability to inject humor and mischief into the dullest of activities. Cleaning the sheep field and handling chores around the barn are suddenly FUN with Shaun and his crew.

The Oscar winning creators of Wallace and Gromit have created a masterpiece of mayhem with Shaun and his followers. The characters don't need to talk to be downright hilarious. Join the fun on the farmyard with this newest collection of sheep-tacular six episodes.

Sheep On the Loose
- When the flock attends the local fun fair, it is up to Shaun and Shirley to convince the Farmer that they are actually just out to pasture.

Saturday Night Shaun - Shaun finds the Farmer’s old record player in the dump and organizes a rave in the barn, but trouble attends in form of those Naughty Pigs.

Tidy Up - Farmer orders Bitzer to clean up the sheep field, but then he makes the mistake of asking Shaun and flock to assist.

Shaun the Farmer - When the Farmer is sick, Shaun takes over handling the daily farm chores, with typical disastrous results.

Camping Chaos - An unfriendly camper sets up his tent in the sheep's field. When he goes off exploring, Shaun and the flock decide to do some exploring of their own.

You Can't Stand the Heat - The flock is desperate to cool down on a particularly hot day. Standing in the way of the Sheep Dip is a sun-bathing Farmer!

The special features are particularly interesting on this disc:

Building a Pig - chief model maker Harriet Thomas demonstrates the process of making a naughty pig out of plasticine.

The Mini-Making of Shaun - a behind-the-scenes look at how the series is animated and produced. We get to see episode clips, character models and model makers.


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