Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barney: Book Fair

This really is the best of both worlds! Instead of the usual plastic case, this Barney DVD is tucked just inside a nice hardback story book. We all know how wonderful and important it is to read to your children. What better way to get them on board with a new book than with some of their beloved characters?

Barney and his friends are holding a book drive in the park. Each time they crack open a book, it begins a new story on the DVD. Their imaginations soar and lead them to put on a fantastic circus and build a make-believe rocket. They are even inspired to create their very own books!

The book is a custom reprint of Barney's storybook Count to 10. Barney and friends visit Professor Tinkerputt at the toy factory for some number fun. Children will enjoy counting the toys with Barney, from one toy elephant to ten blocks.

Children have adored Barney for over twenty years, with good reason. The characters and show promote sharing, caring, and the importance of using your imagination. Even today, Barney and Friends continues to be one of the top-rated preschool programs on television. The book/DVD combo is a great idea and would be make an excellent gift for any young Barney fan.


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