Friday, July 24, 2009

Lulu the Big Little Chick

Lulu is just plain tired of being the smallest chick on the farm. She is constantly being told she is much too little to do anything fun. She's not big enough for laying eggs, playing in the cornfield or climbing the big fence! Fed up, Lulu loudly announces she is big enough to go far, far away from her mama. She packs her pink bag and sets off down the lane.

Lulu finds the pig pen awfully messy, though she can clean herself up with no help from Momma, thank you very much. The sheep pen is terribly crowded ... and it turns out the cow and horse are, gulp, rather large up close. In her haste to escape from those situations, Lulu finds herself smack dab in a dark forest and she's quite alone. She discovers it to be quite scary, even for a big chick like herself.

Just as Lulu is feeling miserable and terrified, she hears a familiar voice. Her momma is there to scoop her up with soft wings and hug her tightly. And Lulu knows home is where she wants to be, safe and sound in her coop. After all, there's plenty of time to be big later. Maybe being big isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes it can be fun to be the little guy and just be loved and taken care of.

This book is Lulu's second book, as she previously starred in Goodnight Lulu. Fans of the first book will be happy to see the format of fresh, bright colors and subtle humor is continued here. I love how one hen is knitting pants with the appropriate dimensions to fit chicken feet, and the pigs cavort on the fence in the background. Children will easily identify with how desperately Lulu wants to be recognized as a big chick, and yet how scary the process can sometimes seem. A tale with a great lesson: Don't be in such a hurry to grow up!

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